How to make a Bolillo Bride League

This week I finished the League of bobbin lace bride she was doing. The truth is that it has much work to make this league, but I think it was worth it. For if one is encouraged to make this league bollillo I am going to explain the steps to perform, along with photos, so you can see the detail:
The first step would be to dive in the league, which you can find the Meetings of pillow-lace or a specialty store. He put the film mincing protector and place it in the scene to begin to weave the lace in the league.

We weave the lace of the League of Bride, by changing the dive when we have a good piece of lace and by rolling catcher in the toes. To exit the league right size, we have to do some 70 cm lace.

When we have the 70 cm lace, join the two ends and the iron. Next, place the transparent elastic strip on the inside of the league. To place the elastic must go cable-stayed and by sewing the league, first one side then the other.

Once sewn elastic, is guided back into the bodkin, Which is in the center of the lace, light blue ribbon, leaving a little extra for the bun. To place the tape must be stretched to the league so that contrast is folded belt, as shown in following photography.

At the end of the previous steps the result is that you see in the next photography:
I hope you like as has been the league's boyfriend and that Bolillo explanations you find them useful.