Fimo Accessories

When I started to write I love Properly Dress shirts, shortly after I fell in love and felt brooches fimo later came into my life, I guess order may not be the same in your case, but as I , sure love for t-shirts and fimo felt brooches and also in your life.
So when Rachel, a newly landed in the world of craft fimo and has been in contact with us, I could not refuse to make a hole in Dress appropriately, because in our fashion and accessories blog everyone is welcome, both buyers and designers.
fimo box
The rings, necklaces boxes, earrings, key chains Rachel ... we can see through Facebook " Cositas Fimo , "despite the fact that just recently has started in the world of hanmade with fimo, being unemployed have much time free to experiment and to move quickly.
fimo keychain
The price of their works is very economical, no more than 8 euros article, have you many birthday in sight? Surely any of the supplements in your next acertáis Raquel gifts.