The gorditas may also use leggings, tips for combining

A few weeks ago I went to have coffee with a friend who is much more caderona I and told me I was in a weight loss treatment. I told him I already accepted that I will always be who I am, because I have thick texture and the truth is that I got used to me in leggings, I remember very clear what she said: "I can not use these screens, I would be very large legs and butt! "... Last week I saw her again, and guess what happened ... was wearing a nice leggings and now had a blast!

I remember last year were the famous trendy leggings . I watched and I told myself "no way that I put one of those things tight," but the truth is that I use now and I feel so comfortable, I seem super practical, but of course, the leggings Black does not go away, because they combine it all!

I wondered too (and after what my friend told me) that the gorditas many times we limit ourselves when we dress. Of course, nobody says that we use absolutely everything that we see in stores simply because it is fashionable, but we can try to prove the clothes that we like to find the design that fits well and we like.
The top is the key ...

If we have a weight subidita little embarrassed to show our thick thighs , then what are we perfectly combine long blouses. I have a red plaid long blouse, super country that fascinates me and I almost always use it with my black leggings and brown boots.

It is also ideal to find wide tops or shirts, but not both, because remember that what we want is to see us bigger, right? Say, then: wide and long, but without exaggeration.

At this point you can highlight your best attributes: if you have good breasts, remárcalos, if you have a spectacular waist, show it, if you have beautiful arms, teach. Play the best we have, makes the eyes to focus on that and not what you want to "hide", never forget!

I, for example, today I am using my beloved black leggings forraditas winter inside, they are wonderful to warm. I carry a black turtle neck top, a grape-colored sweater and my wide super comfortable boots in light brown. I love this combination! And if I have cold, a nice black coat.

What shoes to wear?

This point is quite important, because shoes are not just garments to warm the feet, but a whole complement to your look. You can choose several options, but always keep in mind looking in the mirror before leaving home:


They are in fashion, so do not miss use. I always use my tights with boots flats, because I think so my legs are more uniform in terms of width. Find a comfortable, you remain perfect and can be combined with almost all your taken, so you can not only use them with leggings, but with jeans, as well as newspaper and office.


The good thing is that you can use Balerina with your leggings throughout the year, although I would recommend it for spring or summer because in winter are very cold. Remember you can also use mid-calf tights with your favorite Balerina, if you're high, you will seamlessly combining your look with a pretty blouse!

Summer Platforms

Surely you also have a couple of these in your shoe, right? I have some black cork platform that I love for my summer taken. They can be any color as long as they combine with what you wear. Pictured in the shoes combine cute with the flower that has the model in white hair and that adds a feminine and super station to look.

Party Heels

Do you party? Do not know what to wear? Let's see, a cute top, your everyday leggings and those platforms that you love. Perfect! Look at the picture and get inspired for your outfit to party. Complemental with a belt to emphasize the waist and cute accessories, but that does not overburden the look.

Mistakes to Avoid ...

Personally, I like it when girls wear tights and show their immense hips with small tops, but if you have a derriere cover (even if you are chubby), dare to show it, but with caution (do not want traffic accidents !).

latex leggings ?

Yes, of course, but as with everything, be careful what you wear to combine them. You will see in the image that the model has some nice black latex tights with a black top and heels in bright tip also black. Where is the crux of it look as good? Who is dressed in one color (slimming), in which the mesh end above the ankles, her look is not recharged and not leave the rolls for him anywhere!

Another thing is not to teach underwear, one of my leggings are slim and panties show through, so I wear sweaters or shirts, long known not to give others that part of me.

Watch the colors

Mandate with the leggings, but be very careful with the colors you will use: if you wide the waist down, then prefer dark colors, if you are rather broad above, give yourself the luxury of brightly colored tights. I do not really recommend those with flowers, textures, patterns or other, except that the T-shirts and accessories combine a discrete integer color.

Do not forget the jeggings!

By the way (and I already forgot), but you throw with leggings, jeggings can use the version of the mesh type made ​​denim fabric that combine with absolutely EVERYTHING! Tell me what your perfect look with leggings or jeggings favorite, share it with our community!