Maria Julia Mantilla wedding dress will look like hand embroidery

The beautiful model will marry in January 2012 with her boyfriend Gustavo Salcedo and confessed that that day will try to be relaxed to enjoy every moment with your family and friends.
I'm looking forward to be the wedding day
Maju Mantilla
The pretty model Maria Julia Mantilla has everything ready for the 'yes I do "to her boyfriend, the engineer Gustavo Salcedo, to early next year in Trujillo.
"I have everything ready, just missing some details. 'm looking forward to be the wedding day , "he told RPP Noticias.
Maju was very excited about her wedding dress, then said, "What are embroidered by hand" and "will be very elaborate."
"I already did the first test. It is very nice and I already have fitted. Still not finished, "he said.
Although he did not dare to reveal the exact date of the bond, said that try to be relaxed. "I'm not stressed out and (I) enjoy every moment with my family and loved ones," he said.