Dare to skinny jeans

If you thought were only for skinny, forget it! To look great with them, just pick the ones you have to go with the shape of your body. Czech!

Keep in mind these tips to help you find the perfect skinny jeans for you:

Do you have much leg?: If you thought this was a handicap, you're wrong, nay, the skinny can help you stretch your legs and stylize your figure. Yes, try to be of dark colors like black or indigo blue, and make sure you do not tighten. Take them also with long tops and a belt to secure attention to your waist.

For girls thick legs, hide it with long boots, but if you prefer to wear heels, try buying a pair that is not so set on the bottom, but your legs straight, or more wide at the ankles.

And if you're really Pompi ...: Then make sure your jeans pockets are on the lower back, between the thigh and derriere. He also wears blouses that fall where they started the curvature of the bubbles.

But if your problem is the tummy ...: Check that you reach your skinny waist so that they extend so that they can perfectly hide tummy. Use them with loose-fitting blouses.