Autumn / Winter 2011-2012 H & M

The season autumn / winter 2011/2012 surprising since the large number of proposals to wear clothing, apparel and accessories. And among these many proposals deserves separate the H & M collection autumn / winter 2011/2012, as always one of the most attractive fashion, which is credited with clothing for everyone, young and old, and for every occasion, with a style known as , wearing colorful, comfortable, modern and a lot of versatility to combine and contrast each other.
But winter fashion really as wide as the H & M requires carefully see, shop early to make styling more suited to our particular way of dressing, because as we said before is a lot of clothes and accessories. So now we will see some of the most emblematic of the brand for the next season.
Many dressed up the winter collection for H & M, short dresses and prints like the one in the picture above looks the model Sasha Pivovarova for the magazine brand, but also skirts and long dresses for those who possess this "revival" of the midi , and pastel colors that make it even more attractive.
No shortage of jeans, jackets accompanied style "university" plan for the days of relaxation.
Trends abound prints, stripes, ruffles and long denim.
Garments very "journal" to look splendid when you go to work, jackets and pants that are of styling and comfort.