Dress by Alexander Wang blazer type

Taking the basic form of a formal blazer, this dress is a choice of stylish elegance to form appropriate attire for work sometimes, but without losing femininity and sensuality.

Is a design of Alexander Wang , which allows your legs look and shoulders, while the neckline looks a cut or "v". It has two rows of two buttons that adorn and give slightly better sense of the proportion of the body inside the mini-dress, that is, help a court not look simple, dowdy, even if the court is not very tight waist.

Also, square pockets on its sides make it slightly less simple and add volume to the hips. So it becomes almost null the possibility of combining with a belt.

Because it is very short and without sleeves, is a good idea to bring hot days in the business suit to wear (a shirt and blazer separately) is uncomfortable. By the color of this design from Alexander Wang, if carried in a formal occasion footwear is recommended to accompany and complement the same color, and metal jewelry and discreet size.