Ines di Santo and his 2012 collection of wedding dresses

The Italian designer Ines di Santo presented his latest collection for brides in the New York Bridal Fashion Week surprising for its exquisite models based on the modern woman.

This collection Spring - Summer is marked by wearing wide skirts, tight torsos and elaborate lace. The center of his inspiration is obviously the glamor, the elegance of the lavish wedding thanks to the volume of the foot and pomposity, the enhancement of the female figure, as well as sexy necklines both front and rear.

In the collection of Ines di Santo can notice certain trends which revolves around the collection.

As a mermaid in the sea

This is one of the most striking models in his collection, dress with plunging necklines "word of honor" with folds tight to the body accentuated the figure and sticking to the middle of the leg which takes on a much more dramatic and which enhance the bulkiness of the skirts. A variation of this style is the tight dress but until the end of the hips making the skirt pomposity start earlier. This model fits very well with modern brides, young and adventurous who want to be reborn with a vintage twist.

Romantic Princess

One of the most popular models are the kinds of models and they are quite flattering on thin women. This model fits from the most strapples neckline and asymmetrical waist which is generated by a tulle skirt that refers to the princesses of fairy tales. This model is perfect for the bride romantic and classical.

Sexy and bold

Although they are the minority in his collection Ines di Santo also presents short dresses sexy touch giving the notch of the figure and the asymmetrical neckline that enhances the suit with its lace, jewels or embroidery. The designer prefers the traditional colors going from classic white to ivory and beige Champage.

Formal and elegant

Thinking about all kinds of wedding dress comes this kind of a little more serious but equally dazzling. This model also aims to show off the figure of the woman while leaving aside the pompous and extravagant and adapting to a more conventional wedding but exquisite in taste. It features beautiful details such as trim around the waist or neckline beaded or lace worked.

This designer can easily return in one of your favorites, with many designs it is difficult to truly divine right? Take your time for choosing your wedding dress should take into account thousands of details from your personality to the type of celebration you'll have good luck!