Low cost prom dresses 2012

When it is thought that there was one of the most complicated are the gala dinners, weddings and other occasions imposed wear a long dress. That's when many factors determine our purchase. First, I choose a dress that fit me, that is a gorgeous fabric and quality, and does not have an excessive price (unless it is a unique event as the wedding of a brother for example ).

The reason is that the party dresses are stored in our closet, and rarely repeat them, because being a special garment is very easy to identify and we will not go with the same outfit all of our commitments at night, right ?

One of the best solutions I've found is that offered by Mango, each season further extends the line of party gowns. And this fall-winter 2011/2012 collection has really surprised by the timeless elegance who wear their designs.

Black dress: classic and sexy

Those who bet on a black dress, has assured elegance. Course, if you wear the right model for your figure. The image is very sexy, halter neckline with gold detail on the crossed straps in the back, with a flattering neckline that reaches almost to the waist that seriously detracts the simple design. Course, requires a smooth and toned back .

Moles basic this season

Within the parade with Mango presented his autumn-winter 2011-2012, we find a formal dress that combines the black and white combination with a naive air and light forms a vaporous drop skirt. I love the side opening and the skirt is like a tail, in addition to the detail of silver clutch that takes the model to match the detail of the neck.

The empire style and Greek style always feel good

The draping and empire waist are ideal to hide some "imperfections" of our body, like a small bust, tummy and hips prominent. Besides the fall of Hellenic inspiration these dresses is very elegant, yet flattering.

Mango brings in their autumn-winter 2011/2012, evening dresses in this style, updated in seasonal colors like magenta, turquoise or red EXPOLIVA, and details that add a festive touch very current. I'll stick with the front of her turquoise dress adorned with sequins, which gives it a festive flair, and judging by the pictures, looks like a more expensive dress.

The elegance of the new black, nude color

We know that the key will make us well in all styles, and in winter and summer. The prom dresses are no exception to this new fashion trends, so we find a simple and romantic gown in a delicate nude , with neck "V" and studded belt, ideal to wear with sandals in silver also.

In blue, other colors of the season

If we look to the last, we can be incorporated into our closet clothes in blue. With a model like the Mango includes in its collection autumn-winter 2011/2012, it will be easy to point out, as the beauty of this color stands out in a colorful fabric and is enhanced with rhinestone detail applied to one side very original.

The proposed Mango evening dresses for this season is super wide, discover it on the web . If you can not find your favorite clothing store, you can buy online, with the advantage at home and prove it to return or exchange if you do not like the way you left.