Marathon shirts

Hi guys and gals!! Yesterday I did a marathon of realization of individual shirts, lol. For the week tube no time to go slowly and making them to wear tube on Saturday has them all together because it was market day in DC The Belfry in Corralejo. Well to tell you that removing the little break and other tasks I've ridden through and scalloping the following 4 shirts in 6 hours!! as you see it? for me it is all a marathon if you jejeje not / will you do it faster, but for me it's all a record, every last jijij are handmade, machine have nothing eh?? aquis ejjeje show you the results.

A monkey that are?? I like muucho and the market are selling well. I hope this week will not make me go during the week and I have to prepare 10 for Friday! to see me because I ride it to get aki shirts is the most difficult. And I thought some of you / I will not know of any shop store shirts or shirts will have to tell me?? Your comments or mail.Gracias To all / you thanks for reading and I hope you're having a great summer!. Kisses