Models wearing backless, favorites of celebrities

Show the back is daring to attract attention, and why not? In particular, the neckline in the back I think one of the sexiest there in terms of clothes. I think that being a party to most of the time is hidden, but the bust is super flirty when displayed. As a teenager, I used to wear backless tops, those who have only pitas back there.

But now the situation is different, what worries me is how to hold the bust with a dress so low cut back. I can use backless casual garb, with no problem to see my bra or top, but for a formal occasion, definitely not used well. I guess the solution to this problem is the invisible bras, which are placed on each breast and stick to the skin or clothing comes with a built-in bra.

The day of my prom school, I wanted to wear a dress with low cut back all but got no one with whom I felt comfortable, so what I did was send her back to a bare, but with a All at the height of the bust to hide my bra, because I felt totally insecure without anything in the chest.

Yes I would like to use at any time a backless dress is a garment that is surprising because the front looks a dress anyone but roll over, wow! Sure, I'd use a modest neckline, not like those who use some of the celebrities that almost reach the buttocks. Of course, there is to know and bring them here will give you some tips for choosing the right one for you.

Types of cleavage
  • Scoop for the royal figure they have no roll to hide. They are the deepest and the whole back left uncovered.
  • Cleavage peak for those who want to conceal the waist.
  • One that covers the broad shoulders if you have them.
  • Irregular cleavage or back crossed straps divided, for which they dare not show much skin. These strips also serve to hold the bust.
How to wear
  • If this is your first time using a low-cut dress, try a fabric that is "hard", ie that arm well and is structured, and with whom you feel comfortable and not as if you spread the skin on all sides.
  • Important: if your whole back is exposed, avoid the front have also discovered. Attention must always be at a single point, and this time is on your back.
  • Choose whichever is appropriate based on your body type, keep in mind the size of your shoulders and your waist.
  • Feel sure you have taken the decision, if you're wearing a backless dress, lĂșcelo as it should! Have a good posture at all times.
And as always, the celebrities are our inspiration, I leave a few pictures of his appearances on the red carpet and other events.