Pura Lopez shoes, the best choice for your wedding

One of the darlings of accessories are brides wedding shoes by Pura Lopez, for this great designer has a fashion sense very original, and renders it in their unique designs and elegant, made ​​to please the most discerning tastes.

Fantasy is an element that can not miss the details that Pure implemented in the shoe with the comfort that girls want. The fusion of colors, heels and styles makes them one of the most coveted shoes.

One of the features at this time is the high heel bridal with leather straps to hold the foot, giving it a modern and elegant. Lopez's inspiration for these new models is the sensuality, so the details are thin and delicate.

You can find everything from traditional white to gray colors like wine, with bows, ribbons, bows, shiny beads and other embellishments that are sure to leave you enthralled with its combination aesthetic.

Most shoes are made of suede, leather and fabrics with satin finish, another aspect to note is that this trend specializes in large bows, either at the heel or the front.

This highlights the feminine and sexy touch to every bride. It also complemented by two covered platforms with the same fabric to create a single structure. Dare to look different and sexy with this shoe that combines seduction with elegant and modern.