Basic in the closet for a small woman

Being petite should not be impediments to dress nice and the way one wants. Above, the clothes are made ​​for tall and thin models that do not fit our needs when going in search of new items to fill our wardrobe.

So, since we can not change the way design of the great fashion houses, look for ways of appropriating the different clothes in ways that favor our body. So if you're short, I invite you to learn the basic items you should to have in your closet.

Tops the bajitas
  • V-necks
The V-neck tops to create the illusion of a longer torso. By using necklines that cover the area between the chest and neck, emphasize your short stature. Obviously, this depends quite the size of your bust. If you are a very prominent and do not like to show much less pronounced cleavage probably use and vice versa.
  • Vertical prints
Unlike the pattern of horizontal-known for his power-fattening, printing, draw a vertical line down your body. This pattern has two effects: to lengthen the torso and make you thinner. You can even use this kind of pattern throughout your outfit.

Petite Skirts
  • Short skirts
The classic skirt you have in your closet is one that reaches to the knee.   Then, if you're too hot or the occasion demands, and have well maintained your legs, you can use a mini skirt . Skirts that move the knee, generate a sense of short legs, whether you're high or not, I swear I look bad, unless you use heels.
  • Long skirts
As much as some blogs say that skirts create an undesired effect on women of small stature, this is not true. I have seen several friends that measure 1.50 with maxi skirts , and I is pretty. Of course, it has to be a skirt that reaches the floor. You can accompany with heels or sandals flats.

Petite pants
  • Low-Cut Pants
Cut pants / pull low, or low rise, make a longer torso. With low rise I do not mean ultra-hip pants, but pants whose shot is about two fingers on it. The low rise also applies to other garments. Avoid, eliminate any high-waisted pants that you have in your closet.
  • Skinny pants
Many times I heard my mom say "that girl is lost in his clothes," this refers to when one is very small and uses very large clothes, clothes end up "eating" the wearer . Because of this, using shovels or pants harem pants or other pants that hang loose, is strictly prohibited in short women . Among the options are if you can use skinny pants and leggings.

One last general council, to match the colors in your outfit, do not look much contrasting colors between the trousers and top. This will generate a super sharp division between the torso and legs. Find similar tones or choose to use a single color. I swear I notice the difference.

If you are petite, do not acomplejar! Looking for how to highlight your attributes and produce a more streamlined figure. With these basics to your wardrobe will be ready to make thousands of combinations!