How to change your look in the fashion of today, interesting tips!

All we know, the picture has become very important because it reflects our personality, our likes and even what we want. So there seems to be more fashion consultants to tell us what is good and the latest trends. However, this work can do for ourselves by putting only a little attention around us.

1. Discover your colors

Each one of us, according to the tone of our skin, has its own color palette, ie those tones that remain particularly well and enhanced. The first thing to know is if you're warm or cold. A good way to find out is if you is better gold or silver. For the former, would you sit warm yellows, oranges and reds. If you look better silver, are cold and so your tunes are blues, grays and purples.
But maybe all this makes you a bit complicated. The best way to discover what your color is to do a simple test. Take garments of different shades, from white, yellow, red, turquoise, etc.., And planted in the mirror. Put them under your face and see the effect on you. Some will give you the same, with notice that you enlighten others and others will tarnish. Remember While each of the colors, begins to make those on your purchases that make you shine.
But if advice is stay away at least occasionally pastels or neutral colors. If you noticed that your wardrobe is filled with pieces of black clothing, Dare to change! Try some hot pink, electric blue with a red or causes.

2. Czech magazines and inspirat

The problem is that many times we were caught in a time or in a style particular. Do you love the cowboy? Since then only you are happy with a pair of jeans and you're almost their prisoner. The best way to soak up the news is starting to look at fashion magazines, but not with a quick glance, but almost professional.
Eye! Do not start thinking "I do not like to be that model".  The trick is knowing fashion suit yourself, not to copy the outfits complete. Rather, it is see what the designers are launching to the market and how they combine the celebrities (this is important) to select what you serve. If you have questions about publications that can help you, some good choices include Vogue, Elle, Maire Claire, In Style and Cosmopolitan.

3. Be inspired by celebrities

Who better to prove to them what we have better? Remember that celebrities live their image and therefore have an army of consultants who tell them how to dress for the event, body type, etc.. Choose your preferred style or one that has points in common with your appearance and begins to follow it! Recognize how he leverages his figure with the clothes you wear.
For example, if you choose to British model Kate Moss , an icon of fashion as it is, you will see that is characterized by the use of cigarettes and fur coats. Casual, yet elegant!
How can forget Victoria Beckham as a role model as far as fashion is concerned? If all you want to become a "lady", Vicky will give the proposal you need. High heels, tight dresses and black, are always outstanding as part of their total diva image.
In particular, I adore Jessica Alba, an actress who knows Latin origins of glamor and comfort. In their daily lives, loves jeans and boots and dresses Fitted waist. Never forget the accessories like a nice scarf or a hat.
Did you like their looks? Look at the celebrities and selects those that will be your source of inspiration.

4. Do not neglect the details in fashion

Sometimes we believe that to be fashionable must have a large budget and actually what we should do is take advantage of our clothes , knowing how to combine them. Yes! You may have a black dress you've used dozens of times, but with different panties, necklace or bracelet extravagant, totally change her face.
Why not bring yourself to buy a different piece? Something I have not used often, but you may always provoked and you can combine in different outfits. It can be a striking scarf, a coat that will take your breath or a portfolio of fashion.

5. Be true to your style

Although the idea is to change your look to be fashionable, this should always be imbued with yourself. Maybe the pins are in fashion, but the model depends on you. Rule of thumb: never copy to copy!
Remember that if fashion is the "color block", for example, you will decide what combinations and what colors to use. Will those with whom you feel comfortable and well. So before you buy, try on things, if not convince you when you're in the store, the less you do when you're home. Not all trends are made ​​for one, the advantage we have now is that there are so many at the same time, some will be just perfect for you.