How to dress for my graduation

An event you can not ever forget ... your graduation. You said with all your friends what you will, but has not yet reached a decision. Short or long, with or without glitter. Maybe a black dress to style your figure ... too many options.
For this choice is not so complicated and captivating finish on that night so special that also appeared in many photographs, I give you some tips as well tell you about current trends.
The first thing to consider is whether it is the only graduation ceremony, in which case you can manage well with a short semi formal dress, which does not have to miss flirtation.
If you also take place that night the party, the dress will be much more elegant. In general your decision over the choice of accessories (very important too) will be based largely on what to do after the ceremony, since you probably use a toga during its lifetime.

Romantic ... to sigh!

If you are dreamy and ultra feminine, you'll appreciate the sky that this trend has come down to us. High fashion designers are made ​​of fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, satin organza and even to create wonders. Note that, for example, in this dress what counts and what makes it totally unique are the details, since the cut is quite simple.
You can also take advantage of the lightness of the fabrics look absolutely ethereal. In this case, what I recommend is that if you do not want to add volume to your figure opt for another type of cut.
These two are good options if it is just the ceremony. But this kind of ruffles and light fabrics may look spectacular gala for giving a lot of movement. In a pastel color will be beautiful because you do look fresh and natural, but in animal print pattern will simply captivating.
In this type of clothing the empire waist (just below the bust) are incredibly flattering if you want to hide some rolls.

Total brightness satin dresses

If the event is limited to the ceremony, dressed in a shiny fabric but a simple model is just perfect and very elegant. Choose a color as the green, aqua or even a rosewood which I will speak later, because you are starting to take over the windows.
The designer Carolina Herrera has satin fabrics in the first place in your collection. A short dress as she suggests in a tone wine might work perfectly for a graduation party.
But if you want jaw-dropping more than one, your choice may be a long mermaid cut. Feminine and glamorous one hundred percent! The pleated or draped at the waist helps hide any roll. It may have shiny or sequined appliques.


I could not help make this a special color that is earning its place for the trend in dresses and appears to be replacing what was the "nude" above. It is a totally charming and super trend youth will play on a special night like graduation. Short or long, ruffled or not, is the color that takes the cake.
It has taken over the runways, but the detail is that you love or hate, will or will not your style ... what do you think? For example, I do not feel that goes well with me, but maybe it is for you.

Total Lace

Tight or loose, lace is a fabric that is made ​​for resaltar curves and strong comeback for evening wear. Black, white, or as you had, rosewood are the favorite colors for this fabric.
The actresses know a lot of reserve power and know how to use it. Look at the detail of the red Correita Jessica Alba used to give color to your look.
Tell me if Emma Watson does not look spectacular in this dress short lace he wore to the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film. Besides feathers add a touch entirely gateway. Would you dare?
Kristen Stewart wore a Valentino dress with beige black lace one shoulder at an event in New York. Imagine arriving at your prom with him.
However, you can always opt for something more classic. In itself the lace and has a great deal of coquetry and elegance, so even with a simple model will be stunning.