Combining a blue blouse

It's summer and it's blue! One of the favorite colors this season not only awaits us on the beaches but also in the closet. If being in the middle of summer you have not dared to wear this blue shirt that you like, this is the best.
The blouse, a garment long regarded as one of the most elegant and special to go to work today also can be worn on many occasions: disco, outlet shopping and to dinner parties. How to take them? Keep it simple, there are dozens of ways to combine them, so if you already have an attention.

The blue blouse in fashion

Neither major galas and most exclusive designers have resisted the blue color blue for their clothing, especially in times when you need to find that women's clothing appropriate to the world that you have chosen: the multifaceted!
A proposed super fashionable and versatile combine invites jeans, skirts, black and white, sailor look to create and why not accentuate the style with vibrant colors like green or fuchsia.

Combining a blue blouse: 3 trends

At the end of her year and earlier this has been some new patterns as far as trends are concerned, looking a bit like each is easy to see that blue blouse can do very well. Want to know how?
  • The timeless black: it is a well known and totally real, if you can not put together a look extra special and you need out of trouble quickly, making a pair of black shoes, jeans or trousers or otherwise skirt this color.
  • Color Block: is super trendy and the truth is that is perfect for summer. Its colors are warm, happy and give it a cheerful touch to your look need. Be careful with too much color charge.
  • Look Sailor: current recreate this fashion can be super fun and a blue blouse that can be basic to create multiple outfits. Use short red, striped, wedge-heeled shoes or sandals high.

Look rocker with blue shirt

A lot of personality and style of leadership in the accessories that can go beyond the black. High closed shoes, a pair of leather or latex and some great accessories can be ordered on the composition of this look.
The shirt retains an older style and cut in the style of old so it could qualify as a rocker style - vintage.

Look casual or office with blue shirt

There are three basic hues that define blue cobalt, Klein and royal, more intense than the other in the order in which they appear. The model shown below has a royal blue blouse, combining jacket and trousers for a formal look.

Look of the school day with blue shirt

Except for the shoes, is a look that fits very well to go to college. Super comfortable, fairly simple and with all the style you need for a class. An oversized bag for books and notebooks and accessories that you like enough.
Add one blue blouse to your style and start winning!