How to dress if you're wide hips

They must have seen thousands of times in my various posts that always emphasize the fact that my hips are medium large, almost giant. The truth is they are the ones that determine what clothes should I buy, what color, what models inter alia. Some time ago we did a post for girls hips, but this time I wanted to delve a little deeper into the subject ...
So if you "suffer" from what I, I made ​​a list of items that you should be mandatory in your closet. Keep in mind whenever the word "balance" when preparing your ouftis.

Tricks to hide your hips

  • Blazers and pads
One of the first posts I did was on the Blazers, I had a strong obsession with them last year, and I were quite settlers. In order to swing my hips to my shoulders, I had to find blazers that were pronounced shoulder pads. Thus, trying to reach the best I could to the shape of an hourglass.
For days de verano, obviously in the vas blazers ni want to use anything that you harbor. To esas times, different brands han lanzado and dresses tops hombreras that small con Seran them encargadas darle of a tu cuerpo her way to reloj arena. Vas to do as you belt is en Reduce cuestiĆ³n seconds.
  • Bottoms negros
Sure have seen the trend of jeans or pants neon pastels, but if they have wide hips, avoid these tendencies. In my case, I do not like the color block or use many colors in my clothes, then I can not do a great problem. If you are the type who love the colors, the reason why you should not use them is because they only make your hips look bigger.
I recommend having some skinny jeans, black leggings and pencil skirts. Leave the color and brilliance to the upstairs area (tops, blouses, etc.).
  • Belts
Try using belts and belts in almost all your ouftis, whether tops or dresses. Avoid cutting your torso at the height of the hips, as it will make you look bigger. Divide the torso near the waist or under your chest, if you combine this trick with padded waist sucrase forget!
Now, would you best belts are skinny, they are also those who are trendy and will remain so for a long time. Avoid wide belts because your hips will be more rough and wide. Dividing the waist must be as gentle as possible.
So no!
  • Skirts at the waist
Take the vintage wave is super trendy and make the most advantage of the maxi skirt and waist. Try not to have many ruffles, skirts looks simple in A or, as I said, very long skirts from the waist. can combine them with a nice top or bustier to give a feminine touch and sweet.
Remember that this is a guide follows, for various reasons may yellow pants fit properly and have wide hips, the trick is to try different looks and find one that best serves you. I leave you with the link of the blog Girl with Curves, a beautiful woman, super proud of her curves, see how they look well their outfits!