Using asymmetrical skirts

The asymmetrical skirts give a twist to the regular skirt making this more sexy still. Instead of the typical opening usually have some skirts, asymmetrical skirts have two different lengths throughout the garment.
The longest side is usually in the back of the skirt or side-side. There is a trend very easy to digest because it is only now becoming known in Latin America. I invite you to learn more about it!

Types of asymmetrical skirts

  • Maxi skirt asymmetrical front
This is the kind of skirt we'll probably see different fashion blogs. Here in Peru, bloggers from different blogs as Style in Lima and Fashion in Da Hat using these skirts come with complete success. The main material which is made transparent gauze that has a great fall. Definitely, the balance between the long front and back that is fine.
  • Asymmetrical skirt front
This asymmetric skirt is an intermediate between maxi and mini skirt. Not recommend it at all for those with chubby legs or hips. The trick of this kind of skirts is clearly noticeable contrast in the long posterior and the front, back stays as a kind of glue.
  • Lateral asymmetric skirt
This type of asymmetrical skirt probably have seen a few years ago. It is the easiest to use and the look does not stop being so radical as that of the other two previous models. The shorter zone should reach above the knee and the longest up a hand before the ankle.

What I combine asymmetrical skirt?

  • Tacos
Personally, I do not consider asymmetric skirts as a garment that can be used at any time of day. By having a long tail and quite daring for the back or side, are more suitable for formal occasions or nights out. The legs are very exposed in this type of skirts, heels are required to taken and that will make your legs look slimmer and longer.
  • Top notched or corset
You can transform your dress asymmetrical skirt. Use lycra tops or corsets the same color as your skirt to give a monochromatic look. Remember, these skirts are usually pretty flight and, moreover, that the golden rule is to highlight only part body. This means that if you decide to use this type of skirts highlight the party or the one with the most Fitted garment will be up.
  • Belt to your skirt asymmetric
The vast majority of asymmetrical skirts reaching to the waist so to emphasize the hourglass shape is necessary to use a belt or thin belt. This is also a good solution for those who have wide hips, is a good way to look less wide.
I'm not convinced this kind of skirts, and I do not think look good in my body type. But hey, who said that the trends we are good at all?