5 models of printed blouses must own

Did you realize that there are as certain clothing fetish? Especially blouses have become the indispensable element of the look of the season and within a few designs have outperformed way.If you like the styling, you want to start building your wardrobe based on trendy clothes and do not know what to buy in the sale of resale in this note we point the five favorite prints of the season.

A. Spots on sweater with polka dots

Moles are in absolutely everything: clothes, accessories and interior decoration. Take them to your wardrobe is possible through simple combinations that serve more than one occasion.
  • White with blue spots.
  • Green with white spots.
  • Black spots white.
  • Red with white spots.
With them you can set taken for the occasion: from casual dating to days of office super important. The way you combine this garment is very important as being of striking both must carefully choose the other articles.

2. Animal print blouse

If there is a tendency that despite the years is lasting, it is in animal print. The patterns that simulate the skins of animals are very popular for its elegant finish and versatility when combined.
Leopard, zebra or tiger are the models most frequently found in the market. A few days ago was shopping around I saw that more and more garments are available. Go for yours!

3. Blouse with floral prints

Flowers, whether or not a proposed brand new and modern it does remain valid in the closets of every woman. Sure you'll buy this for granted but it is still worth remembering.
You can use the spring flowers during the summer and fall in earthy colors perfect for the cold season. Depending on your body type you can give priority to the flowery blouses catch the eye because the reputation and diminish some imperfections.

4. Blouses with animal silhouettes

Silhouettes of animals in your taken? Although it may seem strange and even impossible, it is a fad that has come strongly to Europe and our country is reinvented through color combinations quite fun.
The basis of this style is the color, accompanied by a series of c : from horses, dogs, mice to bicycles and vampires. Streamlines your look with this proposal that will secure the market these days.

5. Blouses folk trend of the geometric figures

The retro garment of the season. Either of these blouses will allow you more options to match your light colored trousers. They are also used in jeans and brown belts and also with dark leggings.
The folk now takes on the clothes so go to be part of your style.
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