8 tips on fashion and universal basic

The advice regarding fashion are always helpful. There are some so universal that it is well worth having them in mind.

  1. Choose the right size. Not too tight nor too loose. Some shops can help you determine your size. Special attention to bras. Not all are 34 B. If the size of the label bothers you, cut it off.
  2. Use flattering colors. Rumor has it that the black always feels good, but sometimes it is nice to our face. You yourself know what colors you look good. Explode them.
  3. Do not expect to lose weight to live. Take care, exercise, eat healthy. But please, enjoy your beauty in this.
  4. Indulge. It uses massage, manicures, and facials: elevate your mood and make you feel beautiful.
  5. Become a haircut every two months. If you do not want to change your image, just emerging.
  6. Go to a stylist or image consultant. They, as well as help you look spectacular, can help you buy the right clothes, which do not go out of style and are always helpful.
  7. Lean on accessories. Scarves and jewelry will help you create your own style.
  8. Listen to your intuition. If a dress makes you feel fat or unattractive, get rid of it immediately.
And do you know any tips you want to add to this list?