Tips for getting a good tan

The main part of fashion is the look and feel very good about what we wear, besides trying to follow trends. And part of that look good and feel good is our body and a very important part of it, and that often makes us look better or worse, is the skin. A tan on the skin is essential to give a better picture.

When using bronzer it is best to do it in the evening hours in a well lit room to see what you're doing, so you'll give your skin some seven or eight hours to take the color. Try applying it to the feet up, thin, and let it dry between five ten before you get the clothes.

To avoid orange palms of your hands do not forget to wash well with soap and water and then secártelas. But these methods do not always go perfect tan, so it's good to know that you can erase any mistakes with hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and a cotton swab and toothpaste that is whitening.

After you've applied the product try not to shower for at least eight to twelve hours before showering for the first time after the procedure apply some baby oil on your skin to act as a barrier and helps you to the tan will last longer. Give prevents bathrooms and prefers quick showers and do not forget that the more hydrates your skin much more it will last you a nice skin color.