Winter 2012: count the best trends of the season

Since the days begin to cool and it is vital that you take advantage of climate change to make a few interesting inclusions in your wardrobe. To make your selection is the best, we bring you the latest trends for 2012 of the designers.
You will find that all are directed towards a modern and elegant woman, but neither wants to lose her coquetry. Helping models or colors, is the perfect balance to show off!

Male tendency

We have so much freedom, that men's clothes are also a perfect choice and well-run, may even enhance our femininity, but will be hard to believe. It is the house Yves Saint Laurent which brings the fashion of the tuxedo. You only need a large dose of attitude!
A good accessory makes a difference, and red shoes or a clutch phenomenal. The result? An ultra sophisticated image. Tear up that cocktail that you have invited to this trend ... If you want to look sexier, the choice is to use it with nothing underneath. However, in this case, you must be fully fit.
Dolce & Gabbana also makes us a proposal without a jacket and tie but can you imagine with this set? I worshiped the straps. Another option is to use bow tie instead of a long, take a chance and put color to your neck!

Long coats for this winter

This trend fascinates me because it looks very elegant and also helps styling. Winter saves us show those extra inches. One in black is basic because it will combine with everything. You can use either a casual look (jeans, for example) or formal (with a stunning dress).
But do not oppose other colors, of course neutrals are easier to mix, such as camel or gray, but you can dare with other colors if you have several in the closet.
If you are short , you have no reason to give up this fashion, however I recommend you not reach the floor, but just below the knee so it does not give you more volume.

Color total

And if you thought the bright colors were left in the summer, you're totally wrong. In winter, you see, only that it is your whole look screams a single color. The winners: klein blue, red (or orange) and gray.
Red always goes well with the camel in the accessories. Furthermore, your outfits do not be afraid to combine different shades. Will achieve an interesting effect and quite striking.

Winter Patterns

Do not run away to the prints this winter, will give life to your look. You have different options, starting with python print I'm sure you'll see everywhere: on shirts, coats, skirts, dresses and of course, bags and shoes.
The geometric designs also set the pace. Perhaps you remember a little 60's and psychedelic style.
And they can not keep up the flowers, follow us! Forget thinking that are present only in spring and summer. You'll feel ultra feminine, but without losing touch of sophistication.

Seventies back

If you have baggy pants, time to remove them from the bottom of the drawer. Perfect if you are waist high, you can go with a belt. Notice the contrast of color and style with a blend jersey ... very modern!
And in its most extreme in jeans also ...
The waist up in a pencil skirt is also with this style that looks pretty glamorous. Note that it is very vivid colors and detail of the hat (perhaps encourage you to use one).
Prints, vibrant colors, the fashion of the seventies again, long coats or an all-male outfit ... your choices are quite diverse. Choose those that go over with you. Also you can make a mix of some, for example, take a long coat or mix red mouthed trousers with a blouse in Python.