How Kristen Stewart dresses

This actress climbed in an amazing way in Hollywood thanks to the Twilight Saga, in which she plays Bella Swan, with his significant other in real life, Robert Pattinson. I think many of us, envied a little while watching the scenes with him and co-star, Taylor Lautner.
His role was that of a fairly simple country girl and not wanting to emphasize, so that the film was commonly seen in jeans and sweaters. In real life is not so different, I like to be comfortable, so you'll see in Converse or sweatshirts with ease. However, do not hesitate to resort to a good designer when it comes to gala events.

Casual style

Like I said, do not be surprised to see it in a style which borders with unkempt. Jeans always skinny, dark T-shirts and slippers. So you will find walking the streets or at the airport. To me, it's her way of telling the world that does not depend on fame, and I admire a little break away. Actually, with that face does not have to worry much about looking good and I guess he does.
As in the film, in real life gives me the impression that you do not want to get noticed because they always opted for neutral colors like black, gray, blue or white. Therefore, the limit is often a rather punk style.
Something you love to do when going very casual, is to take the top tied. Actually, it does not recommend it, I think if you want your shirt goes to the body or shorter, it is preferable that the purchase and not bring a lump to further distort the garment.

Kristen Stewart gala

Although in their day to day do not worry about being too feminine, for special occasions, is different. You know what you love? The waisted mini dresses! With a youthful look, takes strapless or long sleeves but with a short skirt. Sometimes been accused of being a bit monotonous, but the truth is that well liked.
For these events is not afraid to wear heels or peep toes soaring to add inches to your height.
Only on very important occasions, like the Oscars or events that level, try long dresses, but not always your choice has been the most successful either tones (too strong) or prints (just asentativos). Actually I think it's someone who likes to take risks and not stay in the safe.

Kristen rebel style

But if something caught my attention when revising Kristen styles that mix is ​​sometimes made between an elegant look with more casual items. It is precisely these details that will not fail to go unnoticed, although it may generate some criticism. Moreover, I think that it answered his haircut and black dye (apart from the role he would play). She is determined to be more than a pretty face in Hollywood.
Where else can see the rebel touch? You might be surprised to see someone in slippers in the MTV awards, in addition to wearing a designer dress, of course.