Leggins of bread in a tu estilo citizen

This is the style of the day, comfortable and relaxed. The velvet leggings are super comfortable, and that conform to your body and give you all the heat you need to stay warm from morning until night.
Combine your leggings with shirts, long shirts, jackets, coats, and all items that have essentially urban, casual look. If you walk from here to there and you need peace in your feet, combine your leggings with flat shoes such as oxfords classic, the borcegos comfy, slippers or moccasins. Look what they look like leggings in a copper tone with a denim jacket and oxfords.
If you have mastered the heels and can not live without them, combine your leggings with your favorite pair of boots and you're ready to leave. For this season, booties and boots are your best allies.