Animal print for all

This pattern has definitely invaded the fashion scene for a long, and the winter could not defeat this fever animal. It brings us all crazy!
If we talk about clothes you can wear the animal print, you have total freedom to use it at all! From animal print accessories to coats. This winter will have the opportunity to play with the bold print. And if you ask me, my favorite are the leopard-print dresses. I love you!
But what says our expert on animal print?
"The prints are combined, a good option is to take it with denim , you can take pieces such as blouses, skirts, trousers and combine them with a pledge card ".
On the other hand, Mary Heaven invites us to leave the classic brown leopard print. Not only that, but, as I mentioned it in another post, the python print snakeskin  is also an excellent alternative to carry in blouses, blazers, handbags, and even pants and leggings.
The combination print over a black garment has never lost and always is perfect. Let's try, for example, black pants or skirt with a blouse with a pattern, the result will always enjoy.