Butterfly made ​​of tulle

  • 2 mm wire that bends easily by hand, but must be thick enough to withstand the tulle wrapped around it's fine. Just try a little with your fingers to see.
  • Wire finest, the type to make jewelry? Is less than 1 mm thick and very very malleable.
  • Tul with the colors of your choice
  • The beads
  • Cutting and scissors
How do the butterflies:
  1. Wrap the thicker wire in a circular motion to make the wings. the boat acts as a template to all your wings are the same size. Approximately. Twist the ends and trim
  2. Repeat 3 times for other two sets of wings 2 = 4 wire loops in its entirety
  3. Wrap a piece of tulle around each loop and secure with thread thinner, turning at the end to secure it in place. The trick here is to pull and twist the tulle really hard so you can get the wings better defined.
  4. Now the layer of loops 4 on top of each other and secure with thin wire. Start doing 2 circuits at once, but I think doing all 4 together makes more sense than using less wire! :)
  5. Trim excess tulle
  6. Now open the loops to reveal a butterfly
  7. Using thicker wire, insert a score. Amount will depend on the size of the butterfly.
  8. Wrap around half of the butterfly and twist the ends to secure it. Rotate the tip of the wire to form the antennas.