Retro-futuristic Accessories

As you can imagine the accessories are in the forefront. Recognize them because they have a geometric dye but remind us sequined evening of the 70 for its brilliance. I'm sure that this proposed Miu Miu with stars you'll love.
If you are looking for earrings retro-futuristic, I can not give you a better example than this. Its elegant shape is unique. A perfect blend of science fiction fashion.

What do you think of these sunglasses that seem to be exactly halfway between the seventies and the next century? The shape and color seem to achieve a very interesting combination and quite bold.
In general, are the maxi-accessories that steal the show. So if so far have been a little shy when choosing them, begins to break your own boundaries and experiment with bracelets and rings XXL.

Ready to add some retro-futuristic clothes in your wardrobe? Or maybe you have not noticed, and you have some.