Strapless blouse with skirt

 Two sensual and feminine clothes are coming together in the garb of the image to suggest a way you can give your appearance a very attractive spin if you have not get used often.
The strapless blouses plus attractive, it is very comfortable for hot seasons: frees your arms and shoulders, besides having a straight neckline that is daring even. Other blouses strapless own figure 8, so that fits the shape of the breast, as is the case of the blouse in the photograph.
When this first part is smooth, it is favorable that let us add a patterned skirt, to encourage the appearance and break the monotony, especially if it's a color as white.
If the strapless bodice is ampona or large, is better than the skirt is fitted, to achieve a balance that stylize the figure. On the contrary, it should be accompanied with a blouse skirts elastic volumetric or flight.
As long work boots on to make you look more casual, even with older age, while flat shoes screened youth and mobility.