Tips for dressing for petite

  1. Vertical stripes. Always stylized and lengthened the figure. This is not to say that horizontal stripes can not be used, but only if they are finite or discrete.
  2. Loose clothing. The clothes that are too wide for more than short. Nor is it going stuffed, but preferably using tight clothing without too many flights.
  3. Dark colors. Are most favor us if we are not very high. Light colors can also be used but not too garish. Of course, we must rid our gold or silver cabinet the very bright and large prints.
  4. Medium heels. Many smaller people trying to supplement their height with shoes that are too high, and that only increases their size, but will not reach 1.80. Ideally, use a half-height heel gives us a natural elegance even walking.
  5. Miniskirts discrete. If you wear a skirt too short put attention on your legs and after all what it is to conceal and enhance the image. Highlights other features like the neck or face, combining the mean length of skirts with nice shoes half-height.
  6. Do not mark waist. Pants, jackets, blouses ... Any of these items is much better that does not adhere to the waist and gives the feeling of dividing the body into two. Longer jackets or dresses are going to be much more useful.
  7. Monitors low. If you put your pants drag you there attention and give the feeling that you are more petite yet, the ideal is to have its true so you have to ask you to adjust the length or do it yourself at home.
  8. Feminine style. Whatever your style-sports, military, casual, etc. - You can simply adapt or combine with other elements, but do not give up the feminine, always going to favor rather than androgynous or indefinite lines.
  9. Balance. Even if you are petite you may have the same problems as other higher, so do not forget the golden rule of proportion. What matters is the set, so keep in mind some rules to harmonize the width of the hips to the width of the shoulders or wear V-necks if you have short necks and others if you have closed too long.
  10. Bob or ponytail. Hair is one you favor a high ponytail or a haircut fun but it is advisable to wear a hair below the shoulders. If you can not resisitirte ideally should not have too much volume and is off at peak.