Tips for choosing the perfect rouge

Want to show off a perfect face in less than five minutes, do you have the skin off and want to give something extra dose of vitality?, have you beautifully smoky eye makeup and you've applied gloss on the lips but you get the feeling you need something else to be truly beautiful? To all these questions the answer is exactly the same. You need to choose the perfect blush!


However, choosing this type of cosmetic is not always easy, because you have to consider various aspects to find the right product. Here are some tips to get it!

Powder, cream, gel or mousse

Today there is such a wide range of blushers you need to know which one is right for every skin type before deciding on one or the other. Thus, you'll be great to know that the powder blush is perfect for women with mixed or oily skin, dry skin while will be great with the cream or mousse format because they provide hydration. Finally, if you want to achieve a very natural and youthful gel blush will be the right choice for you.

What color

While choosing the perfect shade it is best that you try before you buy blush to see how it looks on your skin, colored roses are usually well ever get over all women and they are very natural, terracotta tools that are ideal for get a tanned complexion both winter and summer. Also, if a more searching look flashy or sophisticated, fuchsias and plums will allow you to achieve this purpose.

How is your skin

Although, as I've said before, the best thing to do before buying a blush is prove it, there are some clues as to what is the perfect shade depending on the color of your skin. Thus, if you have the complexion better'll probably go for pink or peach colors. However, if your skin has a sallow hue, you will want to choose a fruity blush tones, while brown skin will look great with terracotta and brown.