There are 3 phrases that announce the end of a relationship and certainly one of the two is always more love and is usually the most affected when this decision is unexpected and in many cases without opportunities or backtracking.
A brief review of these 3 sentences that announce the end of a relationship is good you have it in mind so that if one day you happen not overlook some details, check:
We need to talk
The phrase we need to talk can be used in many different contexts. However, in the context of the couple may mean that something is wrong, that one party has begun to feel different in the relationship and want to make changes. The dramatic gesture of this message is noticeable even in the attitude with which the person pronounces it, it shows that at an unconscious level you want to prepare the recipient to set their minds to have a somewhat tense conversation.
That moment of rupture in a relationship is not nice in essence it has quite a long story short, or for anyone who feels abandoned by the other. And he who is left misses most original gesture that resorting to cliche and "we need to talk" to say "I do not love you."
It is better to be friends
There is nothing worse for someone who is in love to be in front of someone that speaks of friendship when you just want to be reciprocated. Wounds that occur internally are intense. In a relationship you can also take the step from love to heartbreak by this message: "It's better to be friends". Basically, it is a way of decorating the reality, of not wanting to break my heart completely to another or from not wanting to face the situation as it is.
We are not compatible
Within a relationship may also occur the actual situation of having irreconcilable differences. But this incompatibility is much broader. There may be a clash of interests, values ​​differences, different plans for the future ... And at some point, the scheme of life does not match the other's plan.