Fashion pants 2013

Pants fashion trends for this year

Pantalones de moda 2013
As you probably already noticed, we have been a while posting articles on the latest fashion this year, just in our driveway commented about costumes complement as important as are the handbags 2013 .
In this day continue along this same path and we turn to typically worn by most women: pants.
Major trends, styles and designs are the main items of note that we have prepared for you the day today. Get comfortable and notes in what follows:

Striped Pants:
Major fashion houses are host to this trend and have submitted many designs and striped pants. This type of clothing will be ideal for all those women who present some overweight since it tends to stylize the figure and enhance curves. But beware, we're talking about the vertical stripe designs, mostly in black and white colors.
The best combinations are those who consider pure designs in one color for the top.
Pants prints:
Patterned pants are also part of the proposal for this year fashion. The main reasons are those bordering the animal print and a few ethnic figure. This type of clothing designs mostly find them very tight leggings style.

Pantalones de moda

High Waist Pants:
The waist pants always deliver a good deal of style and elegance. Silhouettes are very thin in the overweight as their use requires the use of heels. In this season we can find this type of jeans with cuts and a few loose fabric proposal.

Skinny jeans or leggings:
The skinny jeans will remain fashionable this season. We will see the same thing in the past, models narrow, tight and in all sorts of colors and textures.