Fashion Trends 2013

Fashion 2013

Just check out the latest posts on our site Hand Embroidey Network , you may notice our interest in commenting on the latest trends and styles that are in fashion this year 2013. An example of this is our last publication referred to fashion pants 2013 .
Well today, continuing on this path we will discuss about the main trends we will see this season. Pay attention and notes in what follows:

Striped Fashion: Long gone are falling and animal print patterns. The new fashion trends indicate that the stripes, mostly black and white, are the real stars of this year 2013.
Collars: Such designs seem to have made ​​a very good impression on the runways, why the major companies have included it among their proposals. The idea is to choose clothes with detachable collars so you can use them at any time.

Tendencias de moda

Miniskirts: Although they have been present within the fashion proposals in previous years, the truth is that is only now when miniskirts reach their peak. We see them in black and white, and also primarily prints.
Blue fashion: It is very common that every season is led by a particular color. Some years have been the green, in others, black and white, well, this year will be the turn of the blue. We will see it in all kinds of clothes: dresses, skirts and pants. And in more than one shade: navy blue, bright blue, electric blue, etc..
Fashion with volume: extreme proposals will be fashionable this year. On the one hand tight skirts cigarettes and, on the other hand, bulky designs and very widely. This quality can be seen mostly in long dresses.