The clothing Nadal and Federer in land tour

The clothing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for clay tour 2013. During the European tour clay, Federer and Balearic debut new collections of clothes designed by its sponsors textiles. A new chapter in image building on the reddish surface assault.
On the horizon, Roland Garros. With such a fate at the end of the line in Point Break reviewed the clothes that will carry the Basel and the Manacor road the second Grand Slam of the season.
After an absence of more than sport 50 days, having given up appointments Miami and Monte Carlo under fair wear planning, Roger Federer will reappear in the 1000 Madrid Masters ready to defend his crown and bring the best clothes to try achieve. At an event in height, Basel talent will wrapped by a clothes that conspicuously renewed its image. Leave behind the classic poles, an almost inherent in the figure in recent times, to opt for a staging sports markedly.

It is the most striking change in the Swiss wrap: Federer goes into the field shirts. Putting look at the range of colors, green and gray tones make up the image on the heavy soils of Europe. Basically the first promise compose an attractive contrast with the luster orange clay presents under the sun of Europe, such as Madrid and Roman places to visit by the Swiss promise to deliver. The details in each garment greenish dot the helvétivo (scarf, pants, shoes), wrapped in the elegance of dark colors on the other items.
Meanwhile Rafael Nadal presents some continuity in design over previous models. His walk on clay extends to the four tournaments this season due to the exceptional circumstances of the start of his 2013 season. However, one planted to the European market its textile sponsor has decided to renew your wardrobe.
A brand new collection in Monte Carlo, expandable to Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome. Principality in the vicinity of the Spaniard seeks nothing less than his ninth consecutive scepter. To search for such a venture, will carry a very elegant image. Far from bold colors like purple used in Latin America or the intense turquoise presented in Indian Wells, Nadal will be wrapped by a more sober luggage. A woven shirt conjoined clear tones with dark pants will provide a more sober, away from the vibrancy of the garment orange cover in 2012. Bringing some light at the ends a colorful red bandana and turquoise shoes.
What do you think the staging that will Balearic and Swiss road Roland Garros? Like something more casual image of Roger? Are you convinced by the more serious style of Rafa?